Ten of the Best & Most Influential Rock Songs Ever Written

As a musician, every note you hear influences how you perceive music and what you output. Music, like a stream of water, runs through the riverbed of the mind, carving gentle grooves to leave its traces. When working with my band, or talking to friends, we are constantly comparing musical influences and reference points to get an idea of each others stylistic approaches and unique personalities. While everyone has different taste, there are always some songs and bands which seem to be prevalent and influential to everybody.

In every genre, you usually have some songs that really stand out. They either define the genre, or they bend it so much it is something truly unique, but still recognizably a homage to what it was originally. This is something expressed in the rock genre better than almost any other. To take a look at some real “genre-definers,” I’ve compiled a list of Ten of the Best & Most Influential Rock Songs Ever.  (hopefully you like this post while Nick is recovering from his everest base camp trip) (more…)

Down With The Flu

I have not been this sick for quite some time and the last time I was, it was because I didn’t take proper care of myself. I kept on working and performing instead of resting, but this time I can’t and I have to take a break. I wish it was only me who came down with flu but the rest of the band members are also being hammered by it, so things are a bit slow right now. We might all need to get checked out because it seems to be going around and we don’t want it to get worse.  But I am excited that we will be making a forum for the site very soon. (more…)

Announcing Our Album in Progress: Locks and Arrests

We are excited to announce the continued progress of our debut album! Not only will the album, “Locks and Arrests” feature tracks you have grown to know and love, several of the 11 songs have never been heard before. In years past, lead singer Norton Dunn was involved in a series of altercations, leading to his sentence of 4 years probation after a prison stint. While meeting with his parole officer, he became inspired to start a band with cell mate Robby Poland. Together, the two set out to revolutionize the way rock music portrays life behind bars. Joining with other members of the band, all indicted for petty crimes, we found solace in our music. Straight after Poland’s release, our group began recording this album, a process that we are proud to soon be completing. Our lyrical inspiration comes from the stories of various prisoners, and the fights witnessed behind bars. Ignoring the traditional mantra of forgive and forget, our music takes a fresh look at some things that just need to be said. The words of Red Redding in Shawshank Redemption sum up the heart hardening experiences we aim to capture through our sound: “Everyone’s innocent in here.” Described as brutally honest and decidedly arrogant, the traditional boundaries of the rock genre can’t hold us back. While law problems have stopped us in the past, we will be touring in no time, and hope that our debut album will help push those dates sooner, faster. The support we have received from fans has encouraged us to keep performing the music you want to hear. While our time on the inside may have separated us from the societal norm, it didn’t decrease our ability to relate to the daily struggles of the despairing man. The subtle lows behind the despair and rage heard in our songs will lead you to cry out for justice along with us.